Home For Heroes

Has Your Realtor Told You About Home for Heroes?

Here at Skywalker Group, we are affiliated and licensed with the Homes for Heroes® Foundation. Not many people have heard of this foundation, especially first-time home buyers. We'd like to tell you more about the program and why we choose to be part of this great organization.

What Is Home for Heroes?
Homes for Heroes is a nationwide program that aims to honor our country's heroes by helping them secure their own homes. The average hero receives $2,400 towards the purchase price of their home. This can help cover costs from realtor fees, loan officers, title companies, home inspectors, and more. If you are looking to sell a home, the program also offers a 25% credit on the realtor's commission at closing.

Who Is Eligible?
There are many heroes that are able to receive the benefits from this program. These include firefighters, emergency medical service providers, law enforcement officers, military professionals (including active duty, reserves, and veterans), healthcare professionals, and educators. Please contact us to see if your position qualifies.

How Do I Get Started?
The best way to get started is to see if you qualify for the savings. Reach out to a realtor who works with the Homes for Heroes® Foundation to discuss your options. We can help determine your eligibility status, guide you through the approval process, help you buy or sell your home, and follow through with getting you your savings. It's our way of honoring our nation's heroes and making sure we never forget the sacrifice you've given to us.

Please give us a call at 305-804-5358 or email info@skywalker-group.com and we can provide you with more information about this amazing program.